Cheapest WordPress Hosting Options with Reliable Services

Looking for good cheap and reliable web hosting for WordPress? And you care about blog speed, uptime, and security? So, keep reading the full guide, I’ll show you the best inexpensive WordPress hosting plans for your site.

Nowadays, everyone can build a WordPress blog or website in minutes and start a real business online. But, the real issue here is how to pick the right reliable and affordable WordPress web hosting service? For many reasons, beginners can easily choose the wrong provider and that will affect the site speed, uptime, reliability, and of course, the server’s performance. The most reliable web hosting companies are what you need to choose from.

Today, I’ll show you the list of the most affordable and reliable web hosting providers that you can use for WordPress as they have optimized servers, trusted customer support, easy to use auto-installer software, and amazing features.

Inexpensive & reliable WordPress hosting services

To find a good, reliable, and valuable WordPress hosting, we should take many things into consideration. That may include: how much disk space the web host provides? Is it an SSD or HDD disk storage? What are the security measures that the company has even more technical features such as the brand of the servers CPU processor etc…

So, here are the recommended web hosts for WordPress sites that come with good uptime and best value prices.

Best “value” WordPress hosting

Sometimes, it’s not easy to keep the equation between price, and quality balanced. So, I prefer choosing the right web hosting provider that offers good uptime, fast servers, and affordable plans for bloggers and WordPress CMS.

InMotion Hosting (cheap and good web host)

HostGator is the first best reliable and affordable WordPress hosting. It’s cheap, professional, fast, and reliable at the same time. In a few clicks, you create your account, and best of all, they have a pre-installed WordPress, so, you don’t need any complicated installs or settings. What you need is to choose “WordPress” as the software to be installed automatically after the SignUp. Then, you’ll receive your login URL and password to your email address.

The low-cost WordPress hosting doesn’t mean low quality, that’s what this professional hosting does. It offers fast servers, professional customer support, and lots of web hosting features that everyone needs.

With 99.9% uptime, this is a reliable hosting with all the services that you need. You get a cPanel control panel, and that’s the best way to manage your website files and everything else from one place.

This low-cost WordPress hosting service comes with SSD servers, and a fast loading time for every web page on your website. Compared to other shared web hosting services, HostGator offers great hosting, but with more features, for example, every customer gets free SSD storage and that includes the free daily backups.


InterServer is a reliable WordPress web hosting at cheap prices. For example, you can host a WordPress website for a few dollars per month. This well-known WordPress hosting offers amazing customer support that’s available 24/7 and great features.

You can choose the pay per month or to pay per year for your WordPress hosting. The company accepts PayPal and Credit card. The good news is that you get a free domain name and fast SSD hosting for your website or blog.

iPage (cheapest WordPress hosting)

iPage is one of the most reliable and inexpensive web hosts for WordPress and other CMS. If you’ve been looking for a cheap and trusted web hosting service, then, sure you heard about this company. The WordPress hosting plan costs a few dollars and you can get an optimized WordPress host, but for extra fees. In terms of speed, the above companies are faster, but, with this one, you get low-cost WordPress hosting with easy to use control panel.

This hosting offers reliable hosting as you get a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Also, you get a free domain name and unlimited resources. That includes unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains to host, and also, unlimited email accounts.

The iPage hosting service offers a website security suite with daily scanning, and malware protection, and a file cleaning tool. In other words, your website will be fully protected with a strong security system.

This is the cheapest WordPress hosting service with amazing features. For a few dollars, you can host a website or a blog and pay per year without problems.

For the customer support that’s vital for any hosting, you can contact them by phone, live chat, or through tickets. In all cases, you’ll be in touch with US-based customer support that’s available 24/7.

Best low cost “shared” WordPress hosting

There is no doubt that lots of web hosting companies offer different features, plans, and promotions. But when it comes to cheap shared WordPress hosting, only a few companies offer what the user expects.

InMotion Hosting is a good reliable web hosting for WordPress, it comes with advanced security protection, free domain name, and of course value WordPress hosting plans. In the meantime, you can read more about their shared WordPress hosting plan and compare them to the VPS and managed plans.

In the second place, GoDaddy is another cheap shared WordPress hosting that you can use and count on. It has a lot of features like the free domain name, the email address, and even small business tools for your website and blog. GoDaddy offers value WordPress hosting plans starting at $2.99 per month for a single website. If you need more installations, then, choose their other WordPress hosting plans with extra resources and more options.

Best affordable “VPS” WordPress hosting

When you need a good cheap VPS WordPress hosting, you’ll need to look for many specifications and configurations. The good news is that you don’t have to look for any complicated settings if you choose one of the following web hosts I tested and recommend for WordPress sites. A VPS plan comes with its dedicated RAM, CPU, and of course full SSH access and extra levels of security and daily protection against online threats.

WP Engine (most reliable WordPress host)

WP Engine is the number one web hosting for WordPress, it’s faster, more secure, and fully optimized. However, lots of people focus only on prices and they forget what they get as premium WordPress hosting. When it comes to quality, no other hosting can beat this one, however, the quality comes with a cost and that’s why the minimum plan starts from $29 per month.

WP Engine offers a custom caching system for WordPress, and that’s why the average server’s response time is only 133 milliseconds, and that’ below what Google recommends as an acceptable server response time. The result will be a super-fast WordPress website, with easier crawling and that means search engine crawlers will find your content easier, and faster. Then, Google will index your website better.

This trusted hosting has a staging area in every customer’s account, it lets developers create and build websites and test them in real-time without affecting the real website version. So, it’s the most reliable web hosting for WordPress developers.

InMotion Hosting

With the new WordPress VPS plans from InMotion, you get more than fast hosting. It’s a service that combines dozens of features into one single hosting plan. The first managed VPS hosting for WordPress comes with unlimited bandwidth, a free domain, and 40 GB of premium SSD storage. That cheap hosting plan lets you host a personal blog, business website, or even an eCommerce website using WordPress.

Keep in mind that service has the quality, price, and value that attract a lot of intention. So, make sure you choose it if you have a site that needs dedicated resources but without paying for a dedicated server.

Best inexpensive cloud WordPress hosting

A cloud web hosting for WordPress takes the website uptime to the next level. That’s not only because of the cloud hosting technologies but also because of the multiple data centers that make your website work even during natural disasters. However, cloud WordPress hosting is a little expensive than the shared web hosting we all know. On the other side, websites get as speed, uptime, and security worth every single dollar a webmaster pays for a good cloud WordPress hosting.

HostGator: Reliable cloud WordPress hosting

I used HostGator and recommend their great cloud hosting for every WordPress website and Blog. The web host provides good services and it’s recommended to install a caching plugin to speed up your site especially if you have a lot of content and images.

Cheapest dedicated hosting for Blogs

It’s not a secret that high traffic WordPress sites consume a lot of bandwidth, CPU, and server resources in general. So, dealing with traffic spikes is harder than what any web hosting expert expects. For that reason, I recommend choosing a fast webserver with the latest processor versions, and the best SSD storage. For those who need cheap dedicated WordPress hosting, here is what works well.

Liquid Web

In terms of reliability, Liquid Web is the right hosting provider for exceptional services and features. As an example, this SSD hosting comes with a super-fast server, better server performances, and logical prices. The first VPS plan starts from $34.50 per month, and the dedicated server costs $199 on monthly billing. All of their hosting plans include:

  • Nightly backups
  • WordPress installer software
  • Control panel
  • Fully managed web hosting
  • SSH access
  • Top rated web hosting customer support
  • Strong website security
  • Amazing customer support available 24/7, and much more features

Liquid Web is one of the most reliable web hosting companies, and for WordPress, they provide full customer support. The managed WordPress hosting they offer is exceptional and better in terms of quality. However, the prices are a little bit expensive than the first recommend web hosting company on this list.


With fast SSD servers and optimized infrastructure, MediaTemple hosting becomes one of the best reliable and affordable WordPress hosting services in the world. They have WordPress certified customer support, and that means a lot these days. You can choose the fits plan for up to 2 sites or the other plans for most installs.

The great thing is that there are thousands of Media Temple reviews that we all trust, and the big majority of them recommend the company for both, beginners and advanced WordPress users.

The automatic WordPress core update is one of the most important features here, every website gets the latest updates automatically and securely. On the other side, Media Temple has exclusive WordPress themes, and everyone can choose one of them. Those themes were created by top WordPress web designers and they’re optimized for SEO and speed.

Of course, when you need more resources, you can add them anytime you want. This is a scalable web hosting and with one click, you can add more disk space, more bandwidth, and everything else. Take a look at the following features that this managed web hosting service offers for WordPress sites.

Do Inexpensive WordPress hosting services work slower?

As a website owner, blogger, or business s owner, you need to understand that web servers are not the same. So, shared web hosting will work slower than VPS and dedicated servers. So, if you have a small blog, then, shared cheap hosting will be fine for you. However, if you think that your site will consume a lot of bandwidth, then, choose a VPS instead. That will work even with a few thousand visits per day.

On the other side, for high traffic websites with thousands of visitors each day, only a good dedicated server will make the website work fast and without issues. So, there is no worry about site speed because you have all the options to choose the right web hosting plan that suits your website traffic, size, and resource usage.


The reliability and the affordability of the web hosting plan and service are the most important things to consider even before thinking about hosting your website. Furthermore, WordPress is powerful software that needs lots of resources and optimized servers. If you combine all of that, you can easily conclude that the above web hosting services are the best for WordPress as they offer cheap plans, with guaranteed uptime and quality services.

What do you think about these values WordPress hosting plans? Have you used any of their reliable services? Use the comment section below and share your experience.

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