Best Godaddy Alternatives

Top 10 Godaddy Alternatives with Better Quality Services

If you’ve been hosting a website with GoDaddy and you found their services so expensive or not worth it, then, there are many GoDaddy alternatives with faster servers, better quality, and friendly customer support that answer your questions in a few minutes. With lots of web hosting providers and domain name registrars, you can save … Read this

Cheapest monthly charged WordPress hosting

Cheapest Monthly Charged WordPress Hosting Options

Are you looking for a month-by-month hosting that’s cheap and reliable? And you need a service with good uptime, cPanel, and all the best management tools? Keep reading, we’ll show you the best web hosts that suit your budget and website or blog requirements. The following web hosts offer low-cost plans with professional customer support, and we … Read this

Does Hostgator charge monthly for hosting?

Does HostGator Charge Monthly for Web Hosting?

Can you pay monthly with HostGator or all at once? And is it really a good web host? Using one of the most popular web hosts like HostGator should be a good decision for you. However, when it comes to the billing cycles, some prefer the yearly payments and others choose the monthly subscriptions. So, now the question … Read this