Best monthly billed web hosting plans

Best Monthly Billed Web Hosting Plans of 2023

Searching for a good monthly billed web hosting service with no contacts? Do you prefer trusted providers with professional customer support and a lot of features? So, we carefully selected the best monthly billing website hosting companies with secure servers. So, everyone can get a short-term hosting plan with an instant setup, no contracts, an … Read this

What to update first, wordpress core plugins or theme

Updating WordPress Core, Plugins or Theme: Which One to Start with?

Updating the WordPress core first and then the plugin or even clicking the update them button may look overwhelming for many. In reality, there are many incompatibility issues and version releases changes that can break the WordPress theme and so, the site will stop working by showing a blank page or no access to the … Read this

Domain name registration services comparison

Domain Name Registration Services Compared in 2023

In today’s article, you’ll find a clear comparison of the best domain name registration companies. They’re well-known services with millions of hosted domains, furthermore, every company has its own pricing model and features. In the end, you’ll be able to select the right domain name provider for your website or business. Also, you can save … Read this