Does Hostgator charge monthly for hosting?

Does HostGator Charge Monthly for Web Hosting?

Can you pay monthly with HostGator or all at once? And is it really a good web host? Using one of the most popular web hosts like HostGator should be a good decision for you. However, when it comes to the billing cycles, some prefer the yearly payments and others choose the monthly subscriptions. So, now the question … Read this

What to update first, wordpress core plugins or theme

Updating WordPress Core, Plugins or Theme: Which One to Start with?

Updating the WordPress core first and then the plugin or even clicking the update them button may look overwhelming for many. In reality, there are many incompatibility issues and version releases changes that can break the WordPress theme and so, the site will stop working by showing a blank page or no access to the … Read this

Reliable & Cheap WordPress Hosting

Cheapest WordPress Hosting Options with Reliable Services

Looking for good cheap and reliable web hosting for WordPress? And you care about blog speed, uptime, and security? So, keep reading the full guide, I’ll show you the best inexpensive WordPress hosting plans for your site. Nowadays, everyone can build a WordPress blog or website in minutes and start a real business online. But, … Read this