Best Sites to Purchase a Domain Name

What is the best domain registrar? What do they offer as features, prices, and what makes them better than other providers?

To be able to build a website for personal use, or for a business affair, you need a domain name. But when it comes to professionalism and security, you will find lots of scammers on the web who can sell low-quality services and risk your site.

At the same time, there are popular and trusted domain name registration services that you can use without any problem. Today, I’ll show you the best place on the web to purchase a domain name, with affordable prices, and with all the needs to build a website or to host it on their servers.

Best places to buy a domain name

When beginners want to start an online business, they find it easy to get a domain at very low prices. But, they forget that they will never get the protection and the tools to manage their domains. That’s why I recommend NameCheap to register your domain name and protect it, at once. Now, I’m using their service, of course, and I’ll show you some of their features.

There are many features that make this provider the best domain name registrar, and to give you an idea about that, here are the differences.

Cheapest domain registrar

For some extensions, Namecheap is the cheapest domain registrar in the market, which includes .com and other popular TLDs. But make sure you choose the right time to get the best value from their promotions. The pricing of the domains can get big discounts on Black Fridays and Cyber Monday seasons. In addition, months, special occasions, and national holidays for an exclusive discount on any domain name. Few domain registrars offer these huge discounts.

To save money, Namecheap can also offer cheap domains and hosting at the same time. When you register the domain, look for any special offer. If that looks good, then, why not sign up for a low-cost website hosting plan?

Old accredited service

Unlike many domain name registrars, this is the oldest site that has been selling domain names for years. They have been doing business in domain names and professional web hosting since the year 2000.

That means a lot to people who look for trust and professionalism. No other place on the web can beat this amazing company when it comes to domain names.

A huge number of exclusive domain extensions

I’ve used the majority of the services, and many of them are among the top 10 domain registrars, but none of them works like NameCheap. They have a big list of domain name extensions to choose from, and that will amaze you. Here is what they offer at this time, as top-level domains, and domains with county codes.

Of course, I’ve missed a few ones when creating the list. But, you can visit this page, then, scroll down and click the ”Prices” tab next to ”Features”, and ” Guarantee” to get all of them, with prices and special offers. It’s not only a well-known service, but also the best website to buy a domain name for your small business, blog, or other online projects.


Advanced DNS management

Purchasing a professional domain name for a website can be easy, but of course, you should point your domain name to your website, or what the domain is used for? So, what you need is a DNS system that lets you add any type of record.

On other sites, you should pay for a premium DNS in order to manage your domain. But here, you get the most advanced system for free. You can add any record that you want, such as CNAME, A, Text, and all the others.

Professional email hosting for your domain

The only way to stay in touch with people and customers is to have an email address and link it to your domain name.

They offer fully secure and protected private email storage. Everyone gets 4 GB of disk space for his email as a minimum. It comes with a spam filter and lots of options that you can customize later.

That’s the best way to purchase a domain name, where you get all the tools in the same place. It’s the perfect place to get a domain name with web hosting, or, without it.

Business trust and validation service

This is an exclusive feature in this domain registration service, they are the only company that has a truly business registration service for your domain.

As you can see, they offer the top trusted validation services, from big brands like GeoTrust and Comodo. That cheap price is nothing if you know that it will boost your sales. People are looking for trust these days, and they can find it on your website.

It’s not only the best place to register domain names, but also, you can add business details like any registered company, with a legitimate website, and more.

Domain certification is the greatest option for all of us. It starts with a simple identity verification process and business information. Then, you can add a beautiful certification seal to your homepage. You can place it at the bottom of the site, to let people know that your business and domain are both certified. That costs a few dollars per year.

A domain marketplace

NameCheap is the best place to buy good domains, but it’s also the right place to sell the domain if you want. NameCheap, unlike many other domain registrars, has its own trusted and secure marketplace. It’s the right place to sell and buy domain names online without scammers. If this looks not important for some, it’s vital for others.

There are thousands of people who build websites and then sell them. And, if, for any reason, they want to buy a domain that receives traffic, it will be easier and faster for them. Also, if you need it, you can use the same marketplace to find other domains.

Lots of options and tools

NameCheap is the best place to register a domain name and make it secure with an SSL certificate. It’s a new ranking factor that Google uses, it’s like the speed of the website and the loading time. The encrypted connection is a feature that helps to rank your website, especially, if you want to start an eCommerce business.

There is no way to create an online store without using SSL. People look for security, and Google follows their needs.

After all the reviews and the verification tests, I recommend NameCheap for all people, especially business owners. It’s the right place to buy a business domain name and add other services at a low cost.

These days, you can find hundreds of domain registrars, but at the end of the day, nothing is more important than the ownership of your domain, and you can make it secure, and protected by this company that hosts millions of domains, and has award-winning customer support.

Other places to purchase a domain name online

NameCheap is one of the top domain registrars, however, we should also mention a few other domain registrants.

GoDaddy is the second recommended website to buy a cheap domain and make your professional website, it’s a big company with thousands of servers, lots of engineers, technicians, and decades of experience. The domain name registrar offers advanced domain name management, but I found it confusing, especially the first time. So, it’s not the easiest domain name registration service, but a good option for those who are looking for a good small business domain name.

With GoDaddy, the cheapest way to buy a domain name is always valid for new customers, they get big discounts in the first year, but when it’s time to renew the domain, the cost will be higher. So, keep that in mind. Also, when you check the domain name availability, make sure it’s correct, otherwise, you’ll buy a domain with the wrong letter that you typed incorrectly and forget; that happens a lot.

These are the most popular and best sites to buy and register a professional domain name for your website or Blog. If you used any of these services, make sure to add your feedback and let me know what Pros and Cons you found with that domain registrar.

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