Best Blog Hosting Services: Top 10 Providers List of 2023

If you’re searching for a good Blog hosting site that makes your life easier, and help you to succeed, your posts, article or complaint, then, read this guide. I tried dozens of web hosts for WordPress and other CMS. Some of them work well, and others failed to achieve the minimum requirement for a good site hosting environment.

Nowadays, millions of people build their own blogs every year, the number of blogs that are created every day is estimated by dozens of thousands. That’s a huge growth for applications and software that anyone can use, with a simple click of the button, a website will be live with content and everything else. In the US alone, blogging stats show that the number of bloggers will reach 32 million by 2022 and that’s huge.

The real challenge here is web hosting, it’s the most important thing to consider, even before building the Blog itself. In fact, you need a trusted and secure service first, and enough resources to succeed the blog professionally, and why not promote your business and make money in the long term (if you want).

Today, I’m going to show you the best 10 trusted blog hosting sites to get all the technical features and the support to host any blogging platform including WordPress, Joomla, or any other. However, I only recommend WordPress as it’s the most popular and the greatest software ever built for blogs.

Best blog hosting services

A good Blog hosting service needs to combine lots of features and server configurations. In reality, you can find lists of top 10 web hosts for WordPress blogs and others, but what about their speed, loading time, customer support, and pricing?

Are you going to host your blog with any cheap web host? Or do you prefer looking closer to see what features the web host offers compared to other companies and if you can pay per month, per year, or even for free?

So web hosts offer a free trial for one month, and some others offer expensive web hosting plans, but with superior quality and better support. In all the cases, I want you to build the best blog and host on the fastest servers to get the most friendly customer support and rank higher in Google. So, here is the list of the top 10 best hosting companies for your Blog.

1. HostGator

I used HostGator for years, and I still recommend their affordable Blog hosting plan for all. The great cPanel control panel comes with the latest version, the best website tools, and of course easy to use File Manager, FTP tool, and more. Unlike other web hosts, HostGator offers a one-month Blog hosting trial.

Of course, as a good PHP, and MySQL hosting, this company has lots of reviews from around the world. The hosting reviews reflect the top-quality services that they offer for all. Also, lots of universities from the USA and other countries are hosting their sites and blog with them.

What makes this web host different is the security first, second, the quality of their hosting is better than a typical shared hosting, the page loading time of your blog will be faster, and you’ll notice better user experience and better Google ranking as results.

This trusted web host offer both monthly hosting and yearly billing cycles. In addition, there is shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers for high-traffic blogs. On the other side, if you want a managed WordPress hosting, then, try their WordPress plans, they come with additional features and good server optimizations for faster loading time.

2. WP Engine

As its name, WP Engine is an exclusive web hosting for WordPress blogs and sites. So, they have fully optimized servers, configured especially, and only for WordPress to work better and faster. The result is blazing fast blogs that no other company can compete with, that’s why this is the best-managed blog hosting service in the world. However, the quality means sophisticated and powerful infrastructure, and all that needs resources and lots of money to invest.

So, you’ll find their blog hosting prices expensive compared to standard shared hosting. The minimum plan starts from $29 per month for a single site, but that’s the top quality that you can get in the market. If you can pay for that premium hosting, you’ll speed up your blog and protect it naturally with fully managed hosting.

When you make mistakes, for example, the support team will protect, and even restore your blog for free. It’s their job, in the end, to manage the server with your plugins and themes for better performance and faster loading time.

3. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is one of the best and fastest blog hosting sites, they offer fully managed web hosting, and that means, you don’t have to worry about the server configuration and settings. All that will be managed by experts who know what web hosting means.

This is a premium web hosting provider, and they offer faster servers and award winner customer support in the US. Customers get the support instantly, by phone, chat, or email, and there are lots of reviews about this trusted affordable blog hosting company.

Their prices are expensive compared to shared hosting services, and that’s because of the quality of their hosting, it’s better and more secure. However, you don’t have to spend that money if you can’t, just use the first recommended hosting site on this list and you’ll get good and secure hosting.

You get a free SSL certificate for your blog, enterprise-level VPS that’s optimized for WordPress, and first-class customer support.

4. InMotion Hosting

InMotion is an easy-to-use, web hosting provider with SSD servers and lots of features that everyone loves. For example, they offer a free domain name, and unlimited bandwidth, and also disk space. That means unlimited resources for your blog, and in all cases, you’ll never find issues with resources.

Furthermore, this top-rated hosting offers a one-click auto-installer software for hundreds of open source applications, and of course blogging software. Best of all, you don’t have to do any install or complicated settings, all you have to do is to check the WordPress pre-installation option in the final step of signing up. It’s easy, fast, professional, and secure at once.

Unlike other blogging hosting providers, this one gives you a ready-to-use WordPress blog without doing any technical operation. You’ll receive your blog admin area’s login URL with its username and password. So, you can start blogging as soon as in a few minutes or hours in the maximum case.

Now, when you check the option of “Install WordPress”, you’ll get it ready to use with no further installation.

Here are the main pros of this web host:

  • Pre-installed blog software (WordPress)
  • Easy to use tools
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • Free data backup
  • The latest PHP versions for the latest version
  • Fast SSD servers
  • Optimized servers
  • Google app integration
  • Free blog transfer
  • Award winner customer support for your blog
  • The option to choose between east or west cost data centers in the USA
  • Dedicated IP addresses are available
  • Premium quality SSL certificate for your blog
  • Secure web hosting service
  • Lots of guides, tutorials, and steps by step instructions
  • Optional monthly billing for their “Pro plan”
  • Discounted yearly billing web hosting plans

The free data backup service lets you forget the hard work, the software creates a copy of your entire website with its files every day. That way, you can restore it anytime you want with one click if you make mistakes for any reason. It’s a secure and safe blog hosting service with low-cost plans.

In the previous article, I’ve talked about the price comparison for WordPress web hosting services. So, you can always use that table to find the differences between this hosting and the others with features and plans.

InMotion Hosting is the right place to host a blog on Linux servers, no matter if it’s WordPress, Drupal, or any other application, it’s all about infrastructure with optimized web servers and all that is ready with them. Also, the hosting company integrates Google apps for better business and email management.

If you already have a blog or a website and want to get it hosted there, the team will transfer the blog for free. It’s a blog migration service that saves time and also money, because you get it for free, while the other hosting providers charge for that a lot of money.

Customer support is always there to support and help you in every step, so, you can contact them by phone, live chat, or by email or tickets. It’s a US-based customer service department, and that means a lot when it comes to web hosting.

The good news is that this amazing WordPress and blog hosting service, in general, offers a huge discount for our readers. So, you’ll get a special offer for your blog hosting and set up with a free domain name by just visiting the InMotion Hosting website now.

5. iPage (cheapest)

iPage is the second recommended site to host a personal blog. It’s the cheapest blog hosting service with quality and good customer support. You can start a blog for just $1.99 or $4 as maximum prices for the starter plan, and that’s a discounted web hosting that you should normally pay more to get it.

iPage web hosting is also recommended for people who want to start small business websites like e-commerce. In addition, you have the best features to starts selling online and bring more customers with free advertising credits from Google and Facebook.

Keep in mind that this cheap Blog hosting website should work for the majority of cases. However, if you think that you’re going to build a big blog with thousands of articles, lots of images and you expect lots of visits, then, it’s better to choose a VPS hosting plan instead. Don’t use shared Blog hosting if you want to start a high-traffic blog.

6. CloudWays

If you’ve been looking for a good cloud web hosting provider for your blog and found nothing, then, try CloudWays. It’s one of the best providers in the world with multiple data centers across all continents. Furthermore, the web host provider premium service with:

  • Free SSL certificates
  • No contracts, and no lock-ins
  • Host limited application in one hosting plan
  • Free blog migration service included
  • Pay as you go, model
  • 24/7 expert WordPress customer support
  • The best cloud partners, including, Google Cloud, Linode, VULTR, Amazon web services
  • PHP 7 ready servers
  • More than 60 data centers worldwide
  • CDN included
  • Accelerated PHP
  • Dedicated WordPress migration plugin if you want to move the full blog yourself in minutes.
  • Dedicated firewalls
  • Staging area
  • Automated blog backups
  • Multiple databases and more…

7. FatCow

With FatCow, you get affordable blog hosting, everyone gets a blog with a free domain name, a free setup, and also great features. Best of all, it’s a green blog web hosting that uses wind energy to power its data centers.

You get FTP hosting as well, and you can upload and download files using any FTP software such as FileZilla and others.

FatCow is good, however, I don’t recommend it for big-size blogs, the site will crash if you don’t take care of things like image optimization caching, and more. So, I only recommend his web hosting provider for small-size Blogs and especially for those who just started Blogging and want to save money.

8. GoDaddy

With GoDaddy blog hosting, everything will be there in one place, like email, domain, and more. As a beginner, those who need easy blog hosting will get great cPanel hosting with all the tools in one place. They get the installation software, the File Manager, the security and scan software, and the domain name manager also with many more options.

Another feature is that email hosting, it’s included with every hosting plan and you can forward your domain name to Gmail or Yahoo if you want to manage everything from one place. They have a professional email hosting service that suits every blog and business needs.

9. Hostnoc

Hostnoc has a good web hosting reputation and fast SSD servers. They offer a professional hosting service for blogs and especially WordPress. This host offers a good uptime for your blog hosting, that’s because of their cloud infrastructure that prevents the site from being offline, no matter what the reason is. There are always servers around the world that keep a copy from the site.

The cost of the shared blog hosting plan starts from $9 and it goes up depending on what billing cycle you choose. Also, this is one of the best web hosts in the UK, so, if your visitors come from the UK or Europe, then, choose this one.

There are different types of hosting including:

  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • You fully own your blog unlike
  • Cloud VPS servers
  • Dedicated servers

10. Bluehost

Bluehost was a great hosting in the last years, but now, their servers’ performance is lower than any time before, however, they still able to host a blog and make it load fast. In other words, it’s a reliable web hosting for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more. The bad news here is that this company doesn’t offer a free blog transfer service. So, if you want to migrate it one day, they’ll ask you to pay lots of money for that and that’s not a good thing for beginners who need the help.

Good blog hosting sites vs others

Choosing a good website to host a blog can be a challenge for many who look for quality, value, and reliability. However, many beginners neglect lots of things and factors when they pick a web hosting to start blogging. For example, they forget the loading time, the customer support quality, live chat, DNS management tools, and even FTP.

So, if you really care about the site speed and quality, you need to host your blog on SSD servers first, because they work faster, and second, they’re more reliable in the long term because there are no movable parts like the old HDD drives.

So web hosting companies offer auto-installer software, but others do not. So, make sure you have the right application that installs your blog software with a few clicks. Or choose a blog web hosting provider that offers pre-installed bogs like the first service in the above list. You don’t have to install WordPress or any other app, just create your account and select the blog software.

If you compare the good and bad blog website hosting companies, you’ll find customer support is one of the main differences. Good services try to offer the most friendly customer services. In addition, they invest in educating their employees and technical support staff. So, they are aware of the latest web hosting technologies, WordPress updates, PHP and MySQL versions, and more.

In this case, you’ll fix any problem faster and nothing can be better than talking to experts who know what they do.

Shared vs managed blog hosting service

ASI said many times, there is no need to invest a lot of money in a fully managed blog hosting plan. That takes a lot of your blog’s dedicated budget and you can save that money for something else. But, that’s only valid if you have a new blog with no or few visits.

In reality, having a fully managed blog hosting plan has no impact on the site ranking as many people see. I tried both shared and managed web hosting, and in both cases, for a small blog, you’ll notice no clear impact on site ranking on Google and other search engines.

On the other side, if your blog is full of articles, content and takes a larger size of disk space, then, think about a VPS or managed and optimized web hosting for a better experience and customer support.

Now, if you think that you’ll have a lot of plugin updates, them issues and you don’t have the time for all these things and fixes. Then, I recommend choosing a good optimized and managed web hosting for WordPress. That way, you keep focusing on creating more content and let the experts do their fixes.

What about the free blog web hosts?

Don’t even try to host with them, that’s what I can say in a few words. In fact, free web hosting providers for your blog may shut down your account any time they want, for any reason they see, and with no prior notification. Of course, you can find well-known companies and providers like, Wix, Google Blogger, Tumblr, and others, but look there, there is no professional blogging there. Only those who want to try free blogs and waste time.

  • The main cons of this free blog hosting provider are:
  • You don’t own your blog, they can take it anytime
  • You’ll get no free domain, (their subdomains will benefit them in marketing and not you)
  • You can’t move your blog later as you think, and if you do, you’ll find lots of challenges
  • No blog design customizations
  • Too expensive web hosting
  • No options to add the great widgets and system you see with good blogs and sites
  • It’s not for those who want to create a blog that lasts for years

One more thing, if you want to get a domain name for your blog with sites like, that will cost you $18 and that’s ridiculous, the average domain cost these days is around $10 or even less with good registrars. Would you like to waste that money to get better tools and things?

No, there is no single advantage of all that, even more, the free blog web host has bad domain name management tools. So, keep it simple, safe, professional, and affordable, and choose one of the above top 10 Blog web hosts instead of the free ones.


These are the top quality, and the cheapest blog hosting service providers. With this list of sites, you can host your blog professionally and easily, then, you can start blogging in minutes and not days. The ranking is clear, the first one is always the best. So, I highly recommend HostGator for people with a limited hosting budget, and WP Engine, for others who can pay $29 per month for premium and fully managed web hosting.

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