Top 10 Godaddy Alternatives with Better Quality Services

If you’ve been hosting a website with GoDaddy and you found their services so expensive or not worth it, then, there are many GoDaddy alternatives with faster servers, better quality, and friendly customer support that answer your questions in a few minutes.

With lots of web hosting providers and domain name registrars, you can save money and build any kind of site or blog, but as always, not all the companies work the same. Some are reliable, and others just focus on adding their marketing offers that webmasters never need. That’s why I prefer creating this list of the top 10 Godaddy hosting alternatives, so you can choose the right solution.

Top 10 GoDaddy alternatives and competitors

1. HostGator

HostGator is the best alternative to GoDaddy that you can find today. It brings all the power of cPanel and combines it with lots of features and tools that other web hosts charge extra fees for while you get it for free with them.

At the same time, HostGator started offering a free domain for the first year, which means no more trouble dealing with DNS management, especially for beginners who may find themselves lost with the Godaddy control panel.

In parallel to web hosting, users can add as many email accounts as they want without issues, cPanel comes with its latest version, including security roles, updates, and all the new tools in one place.

For starting a website, you have the option to choose the site builder tool by HostGator. It’s modern, powerful, and better than what Godaddy offers and drag and drop page builder software. Or, you can install a free CMS like WordPress or others and add them, then, customize the designs and have a professional-looking site.

HostGator pricing is more flexible than what GoDaddy offers, there is a monthly payment hosting and that comes with all the features of a real plan that customers purchase for one year upfront. Thus, everyone can try the service and see if he gets what he expects or not.

2. Bluehost

It’s not a secret that Bluehost is a good alternative web host to GoDaddy, but make sure you use their free domain to avoid issues with DSN, etc.

For WordPress, Bluehost works, but not faster than other managed site hosting providers, so use it only for blogs that you just started and not for high traffic sites. I prefer the Bluehost VPS if there is a need to host a blog. It’s better and faster than their traditional hosting packages. You may also read our Bluehost and iPage hosting comparison guide.

3. Liquid Web

If you’re looking for a good alternative service to GoDaddy dedicated savers, then, Liquid Web is the right provider. You get more RAM, more CPU, and a faster network connection which makes your sites load quicker. Furthermore, Liquid Web does not offer shared hosting. Instead, they focus on VPS and dedicated servers.

We never have seen anything like what they offer as dedicated machines with 128GB of RAM in the cloud that handles millions of visits to any site.

On the other hand, there are powerful dedicated servers with 100% uptime, DDoS protection, business-grade SSD storage, and offline backups. Moreover, all their dedicated servers can be chosen with Linux cPanel or Windows OS.

For VPS, you can’t get faster hosting than Liquid Web, they have up to 16GB of RAM, and you can get more when contacting their customer support for customized plans.

Of course, small businesses need email, and the company provides one of the best email hosting services with secure logins, protected storage, and spam monitoring.

Here is what Liquid Web offers better than GoDaddy:

  • 100% uptime
  • Enterprise-level dedicated servers
  • DDoS-protected dedicated hosting
  • Optimized Cloud VPS
  • The only managed WordPress hosting that makes your site load under one second
  • Premium and secure email
  • CDN, VPS, and Load balancers
  • Award winner customer support
  • cPanel
  • Linux or Windows server OS

4. WP Engine

Unlike GoDaddy, this is the best managed WordPress web host that you can find. WP Engine is a real revolution in the managed WordPress hosting industry, they started as the first web host, and then, other companies folded them. However, they are still the fastest web hosting for blogging, and compared to the GoDaddy managed WordPress plans, and it’s unique, faster, and more secure.

Even in terms of management, the WPEngine portal looks organized easy to use. It includes everything a user needs like purging the site cache, changing the PHP version, SFTP and SSH details, error log files, and of course, accessing a WordPress database using PHPMyAdmin.

If the GoDaddy WordPress hosting is down and fails for many users, then, WPEngine will be the best decision as they have more than 300 expert WordPress technicians to support you in every step you need.

Also, there is free SSL and CDN included, and we recommend it for serious bloggers and small business sites running on WordPress.

Why is this one of the greatest GoDaddy alternatives?

  • The first optimized web hosting for WordPress
  • SSD infrastructure with customized web servers
  • Page-level performance
  • Global CDN included for free
  • Free SSL
  • One of the fastest alternatives to Godaddy
  • Blog cache management
  • PHPMyAdmin access
  • SFTP  and SSH access
  • 35 StudioPress themes for free
  • Try it risk-free for 60 days
  • A dedicated migration plugin for WordPress, install it and let it do the site transfer automatically
  • Multi-Site ready as an add-on

If your site is using WordPress, and you need speed, security, and the best designs at once, then, choose this web host. It offers what every blogger needs, and thanks to their newly acquired StudioPress themes company, you get all of their best designs for free with the famous Genesis framework without any extra fees. That way, you won’t need a WordPress theme when you choose such quality optimized web hosting.

5. BigCommerce

GoDaddy is not so good when it comes to building an online store. There are many offers and features, but it’s not what many entrepreneurs look for. That’s why BigCommerce is the preferred eCommerce platform for well-known, successful online stores with thousands of products.

With this trusted platform, you can sell your products on Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping, Facebook, and more options with a long list of patent processors for many currencies. In other words, it’s the eCommerce platform that works better than GoDaddy and all the similar services.

Even more, you can try their service for free and see how it’s better. In a word, BigCommerce is on the top list of the best alternatives to Godaddy’s small business hosting.

6. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has data centers in the East and on the West Coast, and their headquarter is located in Los Angeles, California. It’s faster and better all the way. Unlike GoDaddy, InMotion uses faster SSD-powered servers with two data center locations in the USA.

Now, InMotion offers the latest version of cPanel, so you can create unlimited email accounts for your domain name. Besides, there is a free private SSL certificate that’s better than what you get with popular web hosting companies.

From a WordPress hosting view, Godaddy is not as good as we all expect. However, InMotion provides fully managed WordPress hosting with unlimited bandwidth, free themes, and plugins, and best of all, you get the best WordPress drag and drop site builder called BoldGrid.

If you used GoDaddy, then, you may have noticed their disk space limitations and terms of service. So, if you violate them, they’ll cancel your account.

Luckily, that’s not the case with InMotion Hosting. There is unlimited server disk storage and daily malware scanning.

Of course, there is no secure web hosting without daily backup, so, we tested InMotion Hosting, and we found that they have a daily site backup. Besides, you can restore your blog anytime you need without paying any extra fees.

What makes it one of the best GoDaddy alternatives?

  • Faster blog loading time
  • Better customer support
  • Mobile-friendly website builder
  • SSD infrastructure with the latest technologies
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Free site backups
  • Secure IMAP email
  • PHP 7 ready
  • Use any plugin with WordPress
  • Pre-installed Joomla or Prestashop
  • Dedicated IP address available for WordPress
  • WordPress pre-installed

InMotion also offers web hosting with a staging area for WordPress. That way, you can test your blog for design, layout, and even content before making it live.

7. Accu Web Hosting

Accu Web Hosting is one of the GoDaddy competitors that offer better-shared hosting. Here is why: Unlike others, Knownhost provides fully managed shared hosting with isolated resources, dedicated IPv6, extra levels of security, and SSD storage.

Thus, it’s the ultimate web host for shared servers without worrying about bad neighbors that use excessive resources. So, every domain gets its isolated environment, like a managed VPS, but on shared servers which are powerful these days.

This GoDaddy alternative company offers Comodo SSL, Patchman security, email accounts, premium bandwidth, and LiteSpeed, the list of features goes longer, and you can read all the details on their websites. But it’s a good web host that I found better than what GoDaddy offers in shared servers and even dedicated.

8. StackPath

StackPath is not only a CDN provider but a well-known cloud hosting provider that competes with Google and Amazon for the quality and features. Even more, the company provides exclusive features and DDoS mitigation that cost less compared to many alternatives.

Now, comparing StackPath to GoDaddy won’t be hard. There is a huge difference in speed and security, and of course, GoDaddy is not better. Stack Path is a premium web host for heavy-traffic sites that need exceptional resources, security, and the power of the real EDGE computing infrastructure.

If you’re a developer, this will be the best alternative to what GoDaddy offers as dedicated savers, and StackPath Edge hosting is built-in security with advanced technologies, builtin-metrics, SSD storage, Intel CPU, and the best CDN in the world, which is their network. So, you get everything in one place for developing your application and stop worrying about security and eating with speed issues.

9. NameCheap

NameCheap is a popular web hosting provider with a long list of services like Godaddy. However, they have cheaper prices and faster support. Besides, you can buy a domain name and save money with NameCheap. There are advanced DNS, forwarders, private email hosting, and shared plans.

NameCheap offers one of the most affordable hosting plans compared to GoDaddy and its competitors. At the same time, their shared hosting comes with free SSL, cPanel, and the option to pay monthly.

When it comes to dedicated servers, NameCheap offers cheaper plans. However, we found that their performance is not as good as GoDaddy. So, we only recommend their shared hosting and reseller plans and not the dedicated servers.

These are the best web hosts that make the difference and work better than what GoDaddy offers. In today’s GoDaddy alternatives for hosting, domain, and emails, we need to choose the right company carefully as many things change every day.

That includes server technologies, CPU, and data center building. Namecheap is also one of the best alternatives to GoDaddy email hosting. It comes with all the features that small business sites need at a low cost.

10. GlowHost

GlowHost is a reliable hosting provider, and it’s trusted by thousands of customers who rely on its quality support. There are managed web hosting services with 100% uptime SLA, premium support, SSD storage, and more.

For small business websites, there is email hosting with superior quality and cPanel for easy management. That’s not all. This is one of the GoDaddy alternatives that offer a dedicated account manager, daily backup, and malware scanning to ensure the site security and optimize it.

GoDaddy alternatives services: FAQs

Is GoDaddy the cheapest provider for web hosting, domains, etc…?

Definitely no, GoDaddy may look cheap if you choose their WordPress hosting and domain name for a few dollars, but once you pay for renewals, you’ll be surprised by how much you should pay. That means, even if you find a cheap hosting deal with GoDaddy, be 100% sure that you’ll pay as much as twice the regular price next year, and so, it’s excessive compared to other alternatives for domains and also for hosting.

How much does it cost to make a website on GoDaddy?

Because the process of building a website is different from one user to another one, it’s not always accurate to make exact prices. However, for estimations, here is it:

Building a blog with GoDaddy will cost you around $150 for a good theme, plus the hosting plan and the domain. On the other hand, if you prefer building a dynamic website that needs lots of resources and code, then hire a web designer and pay the hosting cost, all of which will be around $1000 or more, depending on your needs and requirements.

So, in general, for a blog or business website using a CMS or the drag and drop builder tool, expect $100 to $300 or so. But again, it’s not an exact estimation for everyone. There are many options, needs, and prices. It’s better to contact the GoDaddy customer support and let them know your exact list of features you need to get a quote.

Is GoDaddy the best hosting provider?

GoDaddy invests lots of money in TV advertising and media, and it’s the only web hosting company in the world that makes such exposure, so, it’s easy for them to bring more customers. However, that does not mean they’re the best in the web hosting industry.

Of course, GoDaddy offers good tools and small business features, but compared to other companies, servers work slower, and the security is not as high as you may expect.

So, the final word here is, GoDaddy is not the best option these days. There are many alternatives with faster servers and better quality.

Why is GoDaddy so expensive compared to its alternatives?

For many, GoDaddy looks expensive when comparing it to competitors, and the reasons for that are many, but for sure, when a company spends millions on advertising and TV programs, don’t expect to pay that money without adding the charge to your monthly payment.

Also, cPanel updated its prices, and it’s higher now. Besides, if you know that GoDaddy has thousands of employees and support staff, you’ll understand that the prices won’t be the same as other providers.

What is better than GoDaddy?

As I talked about the top 10 competitors to GoDaddy, the number one who is HostGator is the best option, it’s better than GoDaddy hosting, and if you look for the best options for domain names, then, NameCheap is better than GoDaddy.

There is an advanced DNS management, good customer support, and lower prices. NameCheap is all the way cheaper than GoDaddy for domains, and it’s clear the winner here.

Is GoDaddy owned by EIG?

The answer is No, GoDaddy is not owned by the EIG group, and it’s a publicly-traded web hosting and domain name registrar with headquarters in Arizona. It’s older than HostGator and has lots of TV advertising and even in newspapers because the company works worldwide and has nearly 9000 employees.

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