Fully Managed Dedicated Server Hosting: Reliable, Fast & Secure

With so many fully managed dedicated web hosting companies, there is no clear choice for many. So, some providers offer faster servers, while others provide what you need to get a cheap dedicated hosting plan without taking care of security, uptime, and customer support.

On the other side, you can find a good dedicated servers web hosting plan with affordable prices, professional customer support, fast web servers, and more features. So, keep reading, I’ll show you the best option to host a high traffic website, blog, or even online store on your own dedicated server.

Dedicated server hosting is a specific type of internet hosting by which clients do lease their entire servers which are not shared with anyone else. This type of server hosting tends to be more flexible when compared to shared hosting. This is as a result of organizations, having total control over the servers.

Fully managed dedicated hosting

In today’s post, I’ll talk about the best managed dedicated hosting provider. It’s a great service called Liquid Web, and they offer the fastest and the most powerful dedicated servers in the Word. Just imagine hosting your website with a hosting that provides you with hundreds of Gigabytes as RAM and lots of resources. That’s without talking about the amazing features such as the US-based customer support, 100% uptime, and much more. It’s one of the best in the top 10 dedicated server hosting services.

The key features of the Liquid Web include the following;

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Guarantee on uptime
  • Backups
  • cPanel
  • Powerful daily scan
  • Automatic backups
  • Auto installer software for hundreds of applications
  • Strong security system…

Liquid web as a fully managed dedicated server hosting has powerful technical features that make it stand out among other hosting companies.

Below are some of the features of the dedicated servers that are being utilized by Liquid Web.

Powerful managed dedicated servers: Features

An advanced operating system

An operating system provides the platform and framework for the operation of the server. This makes the process of using quite easy and manageable. Liquid Web has controls that are fine-grained and the latest tools. In addition to these features, the refined and refreshed lifecycle enables Liquid Web to provide their customers with up to date products from Debian, Centos, and even Ubuntu. Since there are three different levels of dedicated server management, the following operating systems are included in the respective servers.

  1. Fully managed servers: For the fully managed dedicated hosting servers, Liquid Web has included Windows and CentOS. This option, however, is not supported with either Debian or Ubuntu operating systems. The web hosting engineers will manage the server updates, upgrades, problem fixing. This type of dedicated hosting is recommended for companies and businesses.
  2. Self-managed servers: The self-managed servers on their part are provided with all the four top operating systems, namely Ubuntu, Windows, Debian, and CentOS. This makes this option unique and exquisite hence increasing its usability and convenience to clients.
  3. Core managed hosting: It is only the Debian operating system that is missing when we look at the operating systems that Liquid Web has managed to provide for the core managed web hosting servers.

A wide range of software

Liquid Web has managed dedicated servers that support a broad variety of software. The ability to support lots of apps makes it compatible and versatile for many projects.

The Linux hosting provides effective support for MySQL Database hosting as well as one-click installers for Softaculous and Fantastico. These are so much useful for installation procedures. This software enables the customer to have an easy time when installing applications because it will take the least possible procedures.

The other supported software ranges from Drupal, WordPress, Ruby, OsCommerce, Rails, ZenCart, Magento, Joomla to Cubecart. Many other supported software applications are also available the ones listed above should not be taken as the only ones.

For the Windows operating systems, Liquid Web servers support Microsoft SQL, and the Windows Server both being of 2012. The Windows Server 2012 may either be the standard, the data center, the 64 bits, or the R2.

The Microsoft SQL 2008 Server, Microsoft Exchange, and the Active Directory are just but some of the many software options when you consider Microsoft Windows.

Several support levels

As a standard feature among many hosting servers, customer support is a crucial feature that can make or break a business. Liquid Web understands this fact very well, and that is why they have dedicated a lot of effort to ensure that they do provide their customers with the most high-class reliable support system. The servers come with customized options to suit the customers’ needs.

The fully managed servers provide their subscribers with phone support in case of any queries from the clients. Also, email and chat support are also available throughout the year. Full both software and hardware management are also extended for the fully managed servers.

The uptime guarantee is 100%. The benefits of an uptime guarantee among others are the fact the client can rely on the system being up and running all the time and compensation is provided in case of any downtime experienced. Third-party support at the best effort and full control of the control panel is also an embedded beneficial feature of the level of assistance provided for the fully managed servers. Agreement in the form of a contract is ensured.

The core managed servers have email, chat, and phone support available. Although the email support may not be so reliable because of the time taken for the customer support staff to respond to an email message from their clients. This is the reason why the chat and phone support options are also available to provide a quick way out as necessary as possible, in case of urgent issues that you need to be solved.

Just like for the fully managed servers the core managed servers are also enabled with hardware and software management in addition to service level, uptime guarantee of up to 100%, Agreement, and security. Enhancements are also an added advantage for these servers.

The self-managed servers have a similar support structure as that of the core managed servers except for the fact that they lack the security and enhancement aspects. Here are a few featured companies hosting their sites with Liquid Web:

Heroic industry-leading support

This trusted and powerful dedicated hosting provides qualified on-site support with three levels of engineers who are available 24/7 throughout the whole year. The staff provides support via live chat, email, or telephone. A recent statistic showed that in the course of a month the recorded initial response time was averaged at 9 minutes and 45 seconds.

Specialized teams providing convenience

The Liquid Web data centers are managed and watched by all-around expertly trained and experienced on-site staff. The staff is categorized into specialized teams to help pay attention meticulously to each detail of the customers hosting experience.

Dedicated server security

Liquid Web, as the best managed dedicated hosting, has a tested and approved security protocol. It can boast of having the loftiest standards among the web hosting companies. It has been issued with various certifications including an Independent Auditor’s Report for SOC 3 and SSAE-16 examinations. Also, it also received the Safe Harbor Certificate.

Proactive sonar monitoring

Liquid Web provides active sonar surveillance. A specialized team is dedicated to focusing on ensuring that service can rely on the immediate resolution of incidences. The team makes use of a set of robust propriety level health system tools that also monitor services.

This constantly ensures that a client’s server is at optimal performance at all times and that early detection of problems can be enhanced. The sonar team provides the immediate response in case of any issue to minimize the risk of downtime, and they also repair all problems proactively.

The level of server management, however, plays a significant role in determining how the customer will be alerted to the potential danger.

The fully managed servers have a different approach in the sense that signals are responded to automatically. This is done by a staff member of the sonar team in a couple of minutes. The sonar team will then work hand in hand to bring out some balance and restore the service and identity of the server. In addition, the right cause of the problem can be pointed out, and a report is then sent concerning any findings so that suggested configuration alterations may be made.

The core managed servers are dealt with in a similar manner as the fully managed servers when you consider the alert response.

The Self-managed servers differ slightly in the manner that they have email alerts sent from the monitoring team. This is a prompt action taken immediately a problem is sighted.

Simplicity for sonar monitoring is key to improving performance and enhancing serviceability. A wide variety of programmatic and system errors can be captured by ensuring there is simplicity in checks as well. 30-minute hardware replacement can be attributed to the contribution of the sonar monitoring team. The server monitoring statistic taken by the sonar team includes the following

  • Disk usage
  • Uptime
  • Total processes
  • The running processes
  • Load Averages
  • The memory.

Liquid Web has provided managed dedicated servers for so many years and the experience gained makes it stand out among the rest of the features of the dedicated managed servers. That enables it to continue providing hosting services to its clients. With three different management levels, the price plans for these servers also vary considerably depending on the size of the package and the features provided therein.

Money-back guarantees and cancellation of policy make it easier flexible and creates some trust between the company and its client. Although there are many other companies with dedicated servers that provide hosting services the Liquid Web has established itself quite strongly among their customers as a trusted server hosting.

The dedicated plan prices are affordable for any business whether upcoming or highly established. The servers can be customized depending on the needs of the clients, and there is no need to worry about the ineffectiveness of the dedicated servers to serve your web hosting demands.

If you have a small business, then small plans will be quite sufficient and for high content websites, the more complex and costly plans may suffice. The benefits derived, however, will prove that there is real value for money when you opt for the Liquid Web dedicated servers.

For all web developers and designers, using Liquid Web’s fully managed dedicated servers has always proved to be time-saving, efficient, and money-saving. Reliable services have always been guaranteed.

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