Best small business web hosts

Top 10 Best Small Business Web Hosting Services

Web hosting is the first thing to look for when people want to start their online businesses. There is no way to exist online, without using an affordable web hosting service. It should make your website available and loading faster. At the same time, it’s not an option to have good uptime. The smallest downtime … Read this

Average costs to host your website

Average Cost to Host a Website per Month or Yearly

How much does it really cost to host a website? And what’s the price to build your site with your own domain name? Is using inexpensive web hosts better than hosting with expensive providers? And what about the uptime, server speed, and reliability? So, let’s answer these questions, in the end, you’ll find how much … Read this

Bluehost WordPress hosting: the truth

Bluehost WordPress Hosting: What’s the Difference?

Like the other popular web hosting companies, Bluehost started offering great services for years, but now, they have fully optimized servers for WordPress. So, they make settings and the caching system works better, however, beginners found things confusing and even more, bloggers who just started thinking about launching their new blogs found themselves in the … Read this